Hello February!

Last time I blogged was ... 3 weeks ago?! Shame on me! As you can probably tell, January wasn't a great blogging month for me for many different reasons. One being, I no longer have a camera. Boohoo. I returned my brother's lovely SLR camera since he is filming for his gaming Youtube channel, and unfortunately my own digital camera no longer works. I'm currently on the lookout for a new camera which I hope to purchase within the next month or so (I have my eye on the Sony NEX 6). 

Another reason for the lack of blog posts is a case of severe writers block. I was idealess, and inspirationless. My lack of drive didn't help either and I didn't want to put out mediocre posts just because. I like to give it my all and make sure I'm proud of what I post on this blog. 

Aside from that, I've been attempting to "study" and re-learn some high school science subjects to better prepare myself for what I think is going to be a career change (blog post to come soon!). I've been spending my time researching and reading up on what I'd ultimately like to do in the future. I want to make sure I know what I'm getting myself into and be prepared. I've talked to my own colleagues who are working in the profession and even to some who have changed professions. Let's see how this goes! 

Can you believe it's February already? It's hard to believe we are into the second month of the new year! Things are looking a bit brighter and I am looking forward to what I hope will be a good month. I have a very heavy work schedule coming up since I'm covering for my momma dearest who is going away for a few weeks on an exciting trip. Moreover, this month I hope to spend more time with my grandparents, siblings, friends and cousins to compensate for how busy I have been this last little while. 

What else is going on...? Oh! I've officially fallen off the "healthy" bandwagon and have reverted to my atrocious eating habits once again! Yay me! I was doing well for so long but don't know what happened. They say it only takes one time to fall back and it's true. I have no self control so i'm not surprised that i'm back where I started. The update regarding this is sitting in my drafts folder... will post soon! 

I've been meaning to continue writing my untitled short story series which is also sitting in drafts since everytime I start writing I get stuck. Usually, with my short story, I write it within a few hours but this time around I haven't even made it past 5 lines. Forgive me loyal readers, I will finish it this month! 

Blog posts to come: Style Crush, 2013 Favourites, Healthy Eating Progress (more like epic fail), Favourite Blogs, and hopefully a What's In My Bag post. 

Hope you are looking forward to my posts for this month! I sure as hell am ready to get back into writing! 


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