Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Going through my blog archive, I came across my Bring It On, 2013 post and I can't help but think: Whoa. Time flies. I feel like I have just said goodbye to 2012, when in fact I have now said goodbye to 2013! Oh by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm excited for this year for some odd reason. It's not like I have any plans or am looking forward to anything in particular, I just have this weird feeling that it's going to be a good year (crossing my fingers)!

I haven't made any "new years resolutions", unfortunately, I think it's pure bull. Sorry for being so bold, but who actually follows their NYR's ?! NO ONE. I was still working on the resolutions from 3 years ago until I gave up. You might as well make "life goals" for yourself instead of resolutions for the present year - just my opinion!

Which brings me to my next topic: I've started another blog. An opinion blog. Okay, wait. Before you shake your head in disappointment, just hear me out! I like to blab. I like to slap my opinions onto others. I like to make a point and I like to over analyze everything. SO. I came up with this brilliant idea of writing an opinion blog, purely for the sake of enterainment. I'd like to bring world issues to light and give you my opinion. That is all. I would've like to write my opinions on this blog, but those posts may not be for everyone and I respect that. I've called the other blog SMSYED ETC. (how creative, I know) since I thought it was fit for what I'm trying to achieve. Basically, it will be my "everything else" blog, but this will still be my main base. If that's not your cup of tea, then that's okay, no hard feelings ;)

I'm glad i'll be starting off this year with this new blog, it will give me an outlet to rant and rave in a healthy way. Other things I am looking forward to this year are: two special birthdays this month, the purchase of a new DSLR camera (?!?!), paying off a loan, my 2nd anniversary, planning Soh's birthday, a brand spankin' new car, moving to a new place, going back to college /looking forward to a new career and taking up a hobby are among the few.

If you are wondering what changes I am implementing at the present time it is no-carb dinners. Exciting right? I'm taking baby steps okay! Having a hard time getting my healthy eating on track (blog post on my progress coming soon) and i've spiraled out of control! This is one change I am willing to make for this year as a healthy eating life goal.

OH! Blogmas has ended, and although I didn't do a great job at the whole "daily posting", I quite enjoyed myself! I always had something to look forward to and that's ultimately what kept me going. I hope to do it again this year and with a little more organized (maybe I should make that a resolution?!). I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!

I think that's enough blabber for now. More later!


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