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I'm a minimalist when it comes my clothing and accessories. I like delicate and simple and detest big and flashy. I can usually be found wearing a big comfy sweater and some jeans similar to the ones shown above. Add some delicate pieces of jewellery and you have ME! 

I admit, I'm a fine jewellery kinda girl and I wear a lot of fine gold and silver on a daily basis. I'm a fuss-free kind of person and I like to wear petite elegant pieces that won't get in the way of my daily life, including work. I think it's important to find items that compliment your style, while still being functional and Brilliant Earth is perfect for just that! They have pieces for everyone, from the floral & feminine girl, and the glamorous glitter girl to the vintage eclectic girl! 

I chose a few pieces that I thought fit the minimalistic no nonsense-girl out there:

18K White Gold Luna Ring | Simple, elegant, and sophisticated is how I would appropriately describe this gorgeous ring. My favourite part of the ring has to be the slim thickness (with a width 2.0 mm), it's perfect for those minimalistic girls who want a bit of shine without compromising taste. As per the website, this ring can be set with a variety different diamond shapes and also comes in a Yellow Gold option. The Bezel set gem is simply fitting and definitely one of a kind! Pair it with a wedding band and you have yourself a stunning engagement/ wedding set! 

14K Rose Gold Moon Stud Earrings | So whimsical and timeless! Perfect for everyday wear! The earrings are in an ornate crescent shaped earring with a rose gold finish. The simplicity of these earrings is undeniably stunning! 

18K White Gold Fairmined Bar Pendant | Hands down my favourite piece out of the three! I love the contemporary look of the overall necklace. This eye-catching piece is beautifully finished in 18K Fairmined white gold with a white gold chain. I could see myself wearing this piece from day to night, and it looks a lot more expensive then it actually is! 

Who is Brilliant Earth you ask? 
  • Founded in 2005
  • Main goal: responsibly sourced jewellery 
  • Committed to: Ethical sourcing, quality, service, community 

Have a browse around the website and let me know what your favourite pieces are!

A message to all you men out there: with Valentine's Day around the corner, earn yourself some brownie points with a polished piece from Brilliant Earth! 

I'm running off to tell my mister now!

* Compensation was not provided for this blog post. All opinions expressed are my own. This blog post is for the purpose of Brilliant Earth's Personality Style Challenge. All images are property of their respective owners. *


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