Winter Wonderland : Blogmas Day 25

Well hey there! Long time no see, eh? I know you haven't heard from me since Blogmas Day 14 - apologies apologies! I have since recovered from my horrid sickness and am back to work (sadly). Honestly speaking, nothing interesting has happened since my last Blogmas post except for boring daily life and my discovery of my favourite TV show (which has bumped The Mindy Project to second place), Grey's Anatomy! Do any of ya'll watch? I've started the series right from season one and i'm currently on season two and loving it!

Dec. 24th - Christmas Eve: I was off work early and the weather was beautiful and I decided that I actually wanted to spend sometime outside. Wait. What. Saf? Going outside?  Shock. Horror. I'd much rather be indoors comfy and stuffing my face, but last Sunday brought along an amazing (can I say that?) ice storm here in Canada (Look up the following hastags: #icestorm2013 #icestormcanada on your fave social media and see what you find). The aftermath of the storm was astonishing. Residential streets were lined with broken trees split right down the center, branches fallen on to the roads making it impossible to drive and lots of ice. The temperatures dropped so low that the branches were covered with ice (as the water freezed almost instantly). Check out the images below - I think it looks gorgeous! Even though the storm brought such destruction it also created some beautiful scenery. Can you see why I wanted to spend time outside? How pretty are these trees?

The Mr. and I decided to grab some coffee and go for a scenic drive on the outskirts of our city. I have driven through this area before but never thought it looked more beautiful than it did this time of year. It was simply breath taking. Literally something out of a fantasy book! I have over 50+ photos of just scenery but I didn't want to bore you with trees and snow so I included a few of my faves! 
Outfit details: Black Skinny Jeans - Urban Planet, Grey Pullover - Unknown, Checkered button down shirt - Garage, Gold watch - Titan, Black Boots - Aldo, Brown parka - Topshop UK, Black Infinity scarf - Unknown, Knitted head band - Urban Planet.

Dec. 25th - Christmas Day: No Santa Claus. No presents. Just me and my comfy bed and coziness. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend the day. We decided to venture out to the corner store for a few essentials in the blizzard-ing (no that's not a word, but-i'll-use-it-anyway) snow. We grabbed some munchies and plopped down to watch our favourite TV show. I finished off my evening with a warm home cooked dinner and a comedy movie and I wouldn't have it any other way! How was your Christmas?

Dec. 26th Boxing Day: If you don't know what Boxing Day is then good for you. You are saved from the wrath of materialistic humans fighting each other for materialistic items they don't need. No really, if you don't know what Boxing Day is, then I highly recommend that you research it and stay away. If you 're really interested look for some crazy videos on YouTube. It's just insane. People getting stressed, pushing and budding in line just for clothing or electronics just seems a little shallow to me. I have to admit: we did go shopping, Soh and I but I wasn't looking to buy anything. I've been out of shopping for clothing items this last little while but have been really into beauty items! I ended up spending time at my local department store and buying things for the house. Lame. I know! I'd  much rather keep my sanity and take my time when shopping, I can't handle the stress of people when they act like they're in the Zoo!

Dec. 27th & 28th - Back to work: After having 2.5 relaxing days it gets hard waking up early and going to into work. I'm sure you know how that feels. I met up with my girlies for a combined belated birthday dinner for J and N at Spring Rolls for some delish nom nom's and chit chat. I honestly feel like there is never enough time in a day when you are with your friends! Oh! Today I go my haircut! Will post about it soon!

Dec. 29th - Home is where the heart is: I decided to stay close to home again on Sunday (can you tell i'm a real homebody?!) and just relax. Let me tell you there wasn't much relaxing, because instead we cleaned and organized and cleaned some more and we still weren't finished! I also did some  old clothes purging and rearranging. While going through my art supplies, I found my paint and paint brushes and was inspired to paint! And so I did, whilst I cooked another scrumptious dinner (check my Instagram)!

Dec. 30th - Today: Currently at work as I write this... I have something exciting i'd like to share. It's not anything hugely important, but something I have been thinking of and working on for a while now. Still thinking about it, but i'll let you know ASAP.

Can't believe the New Year is just around the corner... seems like just yesterday when I wrote this post! Ready to count down?


P.S. Let me know what you thought about the photos!


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