Today's Lunch: 3/12/13

Here is my lunch for today:
I had lentil soup, half a bagel with light cream cheese and some sweet potato crackers on the side. The soup is actually a variation of a popular Indian dish called Dhaal/Daal. I made it so that it would be great paired with rice and chicken, and also as a soup dish on it's own with a sandwich or some salad. Usually for Daal, there are quite a few Indian spices that are needed to achieve a desired taste, I however, used the general idea for making Daal with different spices to create a Daal/ Lentil soup. It was quick and easy and didn't take very long to make. Soups are one of my favourite things to eat, especially during Lunch time. It's such a yummy dish to have with ceasar salad or even a grilled cheese sandwich - something I usually have with soup! Today I was in the mood for eating a cream cheese bagel and although it's an unlikely side to soup, it's SO yummy!  Now I'm all full and ready for an afternoon nap (the little bear I am). 

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What did you have for lunch today? 


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