Recovery & Falling In Love : Blogmas Day 14

Day Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen: I think "SICK AS A DOG" is the best way to describe my awesome last few days. *cough cough* I was right though, my 11 hour shift on Monday really didn't help my head, body and my bad cough - but I stuck through it like a trooper. Tuesday was BRUTAL! Yada yada yada. And here we are Blogmas day 14, i'm still coughing like a horse on drugs. Mental images appearing in your brain yet? 
Soh bought this sick bear dinner!
On an amazingly positive note i've just discovered THE MOST AWESOME TV SHOW EVER ....The Mindy Project! I can't believe I didn't start watching it sooner! ERMYGAWD! I would say it's a FUNNY Grey's Anatomy?!? Can I even say that? I dunno if that's even valid! I think i've secretly fallen in love with Mindy (the main character) who is an OB/GYN (who works with a bunch of other crazili-hilarious people at a clinic) and is just running around looking for love. This is a pretty bad synopsis of the show, so maybe i'll just shut up now. Should we talk more about it in another post (if anyone's interested)?!? 

I think it's time for another dosage of that horrid medication i'm taking. Why don't they make these things taste like cheesecake or lemon meringue pie? Yeesh.


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