Nice Gets You No Where : Blogmas Day Two

I'm late with this post, I know. I just wasn't feeling myself yesterday and I didn't want to post in a sour mood. I had my first real brush with reality - nice gets you no where. Really it doesn't. Truth, responsibility, all of those "good" qualities you were taught in grade school? Throw them out the window. There's no room for that in this world. None at all. 

We live in a cruel, disgusting, materialistic world where money and "things" mean more then our self worth and more than the TRUTH. It's hard to believe grown adults (people we will eventually become) are the ones who are double-crossing and deceitful when you least expect it. 

I am honestly shocked and disgusted. I couldn't believe that someone could be so unfair and take advantage of my inexperience to weed out compensation. And here I was thinking that the world is reasonable and fair!?! Who am I kidding? 

At first I almost succumbed to it and I thought I had to give in.... after much thought I've decided I won't, I shouldn't have to. If they can be cunning, then so can I. I was raised to say please and thank you and I was taught to say sorry and never run away from responsibility. I did just that, thinking that's what every nice person does and expected the same in return. I got nothing except for a big fat expectation I am supposed to fulfill just for common courtesy? I don't think so! 

Time for me to stop being a pushover. Throwing my manners out the window. I'm going at it head first, horns out. People often mistaken my manners for weakness. Nope, not this time. At 22, I never thought I'd be learning so many things about the people in this cruel world ... 

Atleast now I know what I have to look forward to as I grow up and go through lifes other obstacles. I seriously can't believe this bull. Wish me luck. 

P.S. I hope KARMA gets that beep. 


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