License and Registration Please! : Blogmas Day One

As I briefly mentioned in yesterdays post, I've decided to go ahead with the Blogmas posts even though I'm approximately 6 days late. You don't mind, right? Great. Now on to the first Blogmas post!

Initially I thought today's post was going to be a boring one about my amazing day at work an what I ate for dinner. Instead, I will enlighten you with today's events:

I unintentionally decided to start of Blogmas with a BANG. Literally. At this point if you are confused then have no fear, your confusion will dissolve in seconds as you continue reading ...

Teeny. Tiny. Car Accident. Yes. I said car accident. Nothing major, except for a few scratches - nothing a new paint job can't fix! But let me tell you, it was not all flowers and rainbows when it happened. I was absolutely mortified and completely shaken up. I'm a pretty decent driver. Sometimes I have road rage, but other than that I consider my self half decent .... today I know for a fact I didn't have road rage. I was not feeling well and decided to take my lovely time driving to work, I was clearly in no rush. No one was hurt thankfully and very little auto body damage was done which is great.

I will leave the nitty gritty details out but alas I'm fine, the automobile is fine - just scratched (that poor thing). Today was definitely a learning experience for me and I don't think I'll forget this for a very long time! I've learned that you can never be too careful and even if you are careful, sh*t happens (and it's okay)! I'm lucky to have great friends, family and coworkers who cheered me up all day and made me feel a lot better.

It will take some of that driving confidence to come back, but I'll work on it for sure. Things could've been much worse, let's just thank God for keeping me safe. Alhumdullilah! Looking forward to a work free, relaxing weekend!

Currently writing this at work, overtime baby!

P.S. I still haven't apologized to my little car for all the trouble. Any suggestions? Think a big hug will work?


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