Lazy Sunday : Blogmas Day Three

Nothing like a small English Toffee Coffee and a word search to wake up your brain in the AM! 
I'd like to apologize for my less than exciting Blogmas posts, unfortunately, things seemed to have turned upside down quite quickly. I wish I had more interesting things to talk about in these posts but I'd rather not sugar coat things just for the sake of entertainment, I want my posts to be as real as possible. I hope you don't mind. If these Blogmas posts are not your cup of tea then no worries, I have other posts lined up for your reading pleasure! 

Today was lazy Sunday. One of those days where you lounge around in your house wearing your pj's, 2nd day hair, stuffing your face with all kinds of junk you can find while watching YouTube or sulking about how boring your life is. I'm sure y'all have experienced this sometime in your life. Hahah! 

Nothing interesting happened today, aside from sleeping in, chores, stuffing my face, more chores, tugging at my hair, dancing around like Miley Cyrus and delicious home cooked meals with Soh. I didn't feel like leaving the house at all today (since I do that way too often during the week), and I just felt like hibernating all day. 

I think we all need lazy days. Don't you? What did you do today? 

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