Happy Birthday Jay! : Blogmas Day Four and Five

Day Four: Nothing interesting happened yesterday since I was at work ALL day! Who wants to hear about that? Who wants to write about that? NOT ME.

Day Five: It's the besties birthday! I've mentioned this girl quite a bit throughout this blog and you may even remember the birthday post I did for her last year! Woooh! Time flies! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY! As always, best wishes in the future. I love you loads! Don't ever change! I'll be needing your wisdom and advice as we grow up and face life's neverending crap being thrown at us! I'm exceptionally proud of you and how far you've come, especially with focusing your time on school and your passion, even if that means ditching V and I, for your nerd glasses and text books! We still love you any way! 

I'm not going to say "I hope we stay friends for years to come and I get to share more birthdays with you .... rah rah rah" because sweetheart, I AIN'T GO'IN NO WHERE! *grin* So get ready to deal with my arse for the rest of your life! Har.

But on a serious note, I love you dearly and I cherish our fraandship immensely. Happy birthday once again! Hope you have an amazing day! 

P.S. Where are we going out to eat for your birthday? Heeeeeeeeeeheee. 


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