Falling Behind : Blogmas Day Six & Seven

SO i've been failing at this Blogmas thing miserably.... I was falling behind with Blogmas as it is (since I started 5 days late) and now I'm running even more behind! I can't seem to keep up! You people who blog/vlog everyday.... props to you troopers 'cause this is hard work!

Day Six: What an amazingly day! I had such a chill and oddly relaxed work day and then met up with one of the besties who agreed to do my hair (Thank you, Vee!!) for my work dinner that evening. We did the usual: chat and laugher till it was time for me to leave and get ready for ... *drum roll please* ... MANDARIN! Our company had our annual holiday dinner at one of my favourite restaurants (you may remember this post from last year) to eat. I was so caught up in eating and blabbing that I forgot about the outfit pics! I guess my brain was on extreme food mode and not blogger mode! I managed to salvage one close up shot of part of my outfit which was not meant to be for this post. I decided to add it just because. The food was AMAZING and with so much variety, it was seriously hard to choose. 

Day Seven: Not as exciting as yesterday: did some sleeping in, furniture re-arranging, errands and then went to work. I guess that's how things are. Some days are busier and more eventful then others - but that's okay, I needed a chill day to recover from all that buffet eating! Oh, and I bought a new dinner set for SUPER cheap! That was definitely the highlight of today! *happy dance* Eeep! 

See you tomorrow for more daily nonsense!


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