Boring Sunday & the Sniffles : Blogmas Day Ten

I have about 14 posts currently sitting in Drafts but I couldn't get the brain working to finish any of them! I really wanted to post something other than Blogmas today but it just didn't happen. Unfortunately, none of the topics struck my fancy. Maybe another time then ....

As I mentioned in yesterdays Blogmas post, I am currently down with the sniffles which seemingly have gotten worse today (compared to yesterday). I'm working an 11 hour shift tomorrow, so i'm hoping my sickness will go away by then - which at this point in time is looking a little dim. I'm coughing, sneezing, coughing some more, blowing my nose 1000 times per minute and just lying around like a sick bear. So far it's been quite a boring Sunday since I am sickly, but I can't get my body to do anything else except for rest. 

I've been catching up on Zoella's Vlogmas while I have the time, it's nice to see what fun things other people are up to whilst I feel like utter crap. Oddly, i'm in the mood to be creative and "do something" instead of just sit and stare at a screen all day. I've decided to continue some of my jewellery sketches (which don't take much effort) as I relax and have some fruit!  
On a side note, I have no more tissues and have resorted to toilet paper to blow my nose. Classy - I know. How is your Sunday going? BTW, does anyone know how to make chicken soup? 


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