The Scent of Autumn Day

The weather has changed considerably since this post here, and I can no longer dance around without a big warm jacket on. Sad. I know. Lately, it's been unbearably bone-chilling cold and windy and I can't even describe how much I HATE the cold. I don't hate winter completely (sometimes the weather can be pleasent) but it is a little depressing to me. The fact of the matter is, I am an Autumn baby. I love everything about Fall - the boots, chunky sweaters, hot chocolate, and even fall scented candles! 

I bought this Autumn Day scented candle from Bath and Body Works a while ago and never burned it till now. I love coming home to this scent (you can smell it around the house even when it's not burning!) and it gives me such a warm feeling! It makes me want to get comfortable with a hot cup of coffee and a magazine - and never leave the house! If only that were possible! 

Just wanted to share my favourite candle with you all! Let me know what your favourite scented candle is!


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