Sunday Synopsis 009

I've been REALLY behind on these Sunday Synopsis' posts; my last one was back in mid September, which seems like ages ago! I've been posting quite regularly on this blog, which means I could've done a Sunday Synopsis a long time ago but I don't like posting something I'm not proud of - so I didn't. Hope you'll forgive me.

Sunday Synopsis essentially is a summary of my entire week with pictures, however, I cheated (as I usually do) on this particular post and I've added a few snippets of other happenings during the month. Enjoy! 

one. My besties and I have been planning a day out together for weeks and weeks before we finally buckled down and decided to do another Brunch date. We decided to feast at Cora's after we enjoyed the food immensely for my 22nd Birthday Brunch in September. I ordered the Theo's Skillet (as I did last time) for my main course. Although I like to try new things when it comes to food, I really like to stick to things I've had before and have grown to love to avoid disappointment, especially when it comes to food! The main I ordered is a vegetable skilled with carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower, mushrooms, potatoes, and cheese, topped with an egg (cooked to your liking). It also comes with a side of fruit and your choice of bread. It's such a perfect relaxing-weekend wholesome meal, and although it may not look like much, it can be quite filling!  

two. I've seriously been loosing my mind a lot lately. And more recently, I did the unthinkable. I managed to lock myself out of the house just as I was leaving for work. You might be thinking: Oh, that's not too bad. I locked my car keys in the house too - so I couldn't even go to work. Great. There I was stuck and late for work. Thankfully, my landlady came to my rescue and I was on my way! Moral of the story: don't rush yourself and don't over work yourself - you will loose your mind! 

three. I haven't done my nails in a VERY VERY long time. I'm not too sure why. Probably due to sheer laziness or lack of patience (just ask J, I've been bugging her while she was busy being a little nerd at Uni). But I was so bored of my bland nails that I decided to buckle down and just DO IT! I chose an amazing dark navy shade called Navy by the Joe Fresh line, for my NOTW (Nails of the week) and I think it looks fab! I love dark nail shades year round, but I think that they are definitely more special during the Autumn and winter season. 

four. When I have time on the weekends I love to take advantage of the lovely fall colours around the city and countryside, and this particular day we visited Horseshoe Hill Road in Caledon. I took this photo the same day that I shot the photos for my Fall Frolicing and Horsing Around post here on the blog. 

five. This past week I cleaned out my beauty stash and got rid of old products, including products I don't: use, like and just don't have any use for. What a liberating feeling it was! I literally dumped everything out onto a table and rummaged through making piles of things to keep and things to throw. I through out over half of the items and vowed to use the rest before purchasing any new ones. It's amazing how many products I found that I had completely forgotten about but still really enjoy. I've brought those out and put them into a basket with my daily use items so I remember to use them! Have you had a beauty stash clear out yet?

six. I come across a lot of interesting places on my drives around the countryside, and on one of my last outings I came across this abandoned antique shop in Belfountain, Caledon. Although, it looks as though it's run down and almost falling apart; there is still so much character left! I absolutely love the large windows and my fave part of the building has to be the pastel green door - how cute! I can imagine how pretty this shop must have looked when it was all spankin' new some years ago. and I really would've liked to go in and have a look around! 

seven. I'm not much of a breakfast person at all, I often times skip it altogether - which may have been is the root cause of my vast weight gain. Since I've jumped on the "healthy train" and I've been trying to Eat Well and Live Well, I've been eating the same breakfast pretty much this entire week. Not because I have no other ideas, but because it tastes SO YUMMY! This is the Honey Bunches of Oats cereal mixed with Harvest Crunch cereal served with sliced bananas - all that is needed is to add milk! I'll often change up the fruit in the cereal or add a dollop or two of honey! 

eight. One fine day, my car battery decided to DIE right when I was about to go to work. Who knew that cars could give you some much trouble! Ahhhhh! The worst part of it was that it was the day before Eid, and we had lot's of prep to do and errands to run that day which didn't happen. Fortunately, Soh is a little handyman and took a bus, bought a battery, brought the 50 tonne battery back, and fixed my car that same evening. My father-in-law was an amazing (and not to mention well known) mechanic, so naturally his talent with cars passed down to his only son - and how grateful I am! Hubs saved us time and money of having a trained mechanic install the battery. Thankfully, we were able to enjoy Eid the next day as well, Alhumdulilah! 

nine. I found my new fave hand lotion, the Be. Better Professional Argan Oil Hand and Body Lotion that I found it at my local Rexall. I have since bought 2 more because I love the scent, consistency and the size! I've even gotten my co-workers obsessed with it! Just wait till I'm sick and tired of this lotion and looking for a new one... hahaha!

I've had a pretty busy Sunday, driving around and running errands. Nothing exciting has happened today, just now had a chance to catch up on YouTube and Blogs. Can't believe the day is already over and I still have chores to do! I HATE SUNDAYS! ....Oh, AND MONDAYS!


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