Flipping through: The September Issue

I am a huge fashion magazine collector, especially magazines from the Vogue family. My absolute must-haves are the monthly issues of Vogue India and Teen Vogue. I make sure to buy a copy every month without fail, even if that means I have to forfeit that much needed shopping trip or dinner out! As Carrie from Sex and the City said "...I was totally broke, sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more". That's exactly how I felt. I would pour myself into these magazines and read over them (sometime the same pages) for hours and hours. I would look over the fashion and beauty spreads and ask my self: would I wear that? Most of the time, the answer was no. High fashion is usually not wearable  - but (in my opinion) that's what makes it so interesting.
Although, I don't collect every single issue of Vogue, I always look forward to the most coveted September issues. They are the biggest (not to mention heaviest) issues of the year. It's like a big fat birthday present for me. Mind you, once I get my hands on a copy, I never finish it in one sitting - it often takes me a few days before I can get through it. I love to read, so naturally (and unlike most people), I actually read the articles and not just flip through the pages "to look at the pictures".
The one thing that gets me, has to be the 398238647346 advertisements in the magazine. I kid you not, I flipped through over 30 ads before I got to an actual Vogue article. As much as I love this magazine, I feel like I just paid for over half the ads featured in there. And to be completely honest, I can hardly afford even 10% of the products that were being paraded in front of my face! Sighs. That $1500 Gucci bag - maybe I'll own it someday .... in my dreams!
Gotta love the marketing and advertising world ...


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