Take Me Downtown.

Hello and welcome to this picture heavy post! I was not scheduled to work this weekend (and after running some errands) I took full advantage of the fact and decided to make a trip to downtown Toronto. The plan was to go to this years' Nuit Blanche festivities (remember when we went last year?) but that fell through and instead we decided to go for a long drive and see inner city Toronto. There is just something about the big city that is so enticing, maybe it's the bright lights or the busyness of the streets .... I'm not sure but it def beats the suburbs! 

Our first stop was Lake Shore, we took a nice stroll along the Humber Bay Arch Bridge overlooking the ocean. It was quite chilly out, more so by the water, but the view was too amazing to pass up. Afterwards, we drove around inner city and tried to catch a glimpse of the Nuit Blanche presentations, which did not happen because I could not find parking. Boo. When we finally did find parking it was down blocks, and blocks away from inner city Toronto in a secluded residential area. On the plus side we found Ali Baba's Mediterranean Cuisine, while on the hunt for Shawarmas. I am a MASSIVE Shawarma plate/platter fan, I could eat it all day erryday! Soh and I decided on Beef Shawarma platters respectively and trust me - (we're currently on the "perfect Shawarma hunt") Ali Baba's kills it! The ingredients were so fresh and tasty (and healthy!), we will definitely be hitting up another location sometime in the near future! My platter contained Yellow rice, Beef, Tabouleh, Garden Salad, Pickled Cabbage and Turnip with a side of Hummus and Garlic dips and topped with Hot sauce and Tahini sauce - delish! 

My night ended with a hefty fall at the entrance of my local Tim's. Typical Saf. I guess I forgot I had legs or better yet I forgot how to walk. Here's what happened: I got out of the car and happily hopped along to the door of Tim Horton's when suddenly, I dropped to the ground. Just like that. My first thoughts: what am I doing on the ground? Confused, I looked up at the sky. Okay, so the sky is still in place. Good. Then I just sat there. Ouch. I hit the pavement legs first (secretly, i'm a cat), right at my shins. Ouch. Anyway, I had a good laugh about it on my way into the store, during the car ride home and all today! Haha! Remember to keep laughing at yourself - it keeps you healthy!

EDIT: Outfit Details
Grey Hoodie: H&M
Beige Light Parka: Costa Blanca  
Black Pants: Urban Planet
Bag: Mossimo (Target)
Black Flats: Walmart
Multi Coloured Anklets: Accessorize (UK) 


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