On Trend: Healthy Eating

Last week's lunch: Red Bell Peppers, Fresh Spinach, Red Onion, and Crushed Chili Pepper Stir Fry

I, Safa Maryam Syed, solemnly swear that today was my last day of bad eating and the first day of my healthy eating journey. I am a self named, extreme foodie, which really means I love to eat. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know. I'm sure you are wondering where this post is coming from... Unfortunately, food has seemingly taken over my life - and not in a good way. I cook my meals from scratch at home but at the same time I tend to eat out a lot more then is necessary. I'd like to blame it on my work schedule/ lifestyle but that would be silly - I only have myself to blame. 

I've finally decided to take the reigns into my own hands and make a change for myself, for my health. It's not hard to eat healthy, it is a little more time consuming (to prepare meals) and costly but the long terms effects are endless. I should know this since I work in a diagnostic imaging clinic, and I see people come in for tests everyday. Adapting good eating habits now can improve my longevity and quality of life - who wouldn't want to be around for their grand kids? 

My steps to eating well include drinking more water, adding 30 minutes of exercise to my daily routine, and portion control - which I think is pretty doable. Slowly I'd like to go into a "no carb dinner" diet where I don't eat carbs (pasta, rice, breads, etc.), and have only protein and vegetables for dinner. I hope to get there slowly but surely and I'm taking baby steps to achieve that. 

Usually, I get irritated by weight loss blog posts but now i'm thinking of documenting my health and/ or weight loss daily/weekly to keep track of my progress. 
Your thoughts? Wish me luck! Eat well! Live well! 


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