Little London.

After we had such an amazing time in Guelph that we decided to take another day trip to another city within the province, and this time we chose London, Ontario. We also chose to take the regional roads instead of the highway so that we could enjoy the beautiful weather and the breathtaking scenery. The approximated time as per the navigation system in my phone describes the ride as 3 hours long. Unfortunately, we got a little lost on the way (due to loss of signal on my cellular device) and ended up taking a slightly longer route. We enjoyed our ride nonetheless, (it included lots of snacking, photo taking, uncontrollable dancing and godawful singing, along with multiple Tim Horton's stops) and were quite thankful for our change of route as we were able to see things we wouldn't have been able to see otherwise. We drove through a few major cities and towns along the way, including: Milton, Hamilton, Cambridge, Waterloo and Paris. The best thing about the entire ride had to be the Fall colours. I can't even begin to describe the vibrancy of the reds, yellows and oranges we saw on our way to our destination. So pretty! 
Such a perfect shot of the sky! 
Surrounded by Fall colours. 
Trees! Trees! and more Trees in Milton. 
Relaxing in the passenger seat. 
Downtown - Paris, Ontario 
Entering Downtown - London, Ontario 
Downtown - London, Ontario
L - O - N - D - O - N
Buildings - Old and new!
Time to say goodbye! 
We finally reached London after driving for 290433748 hours, and let me tell you it was well worth the drive! What a beautiful city, and I mean it when I say that the photos do it no justice! London is a very proud city, I can't even begin to describe how many times I saw LONDON advertised throughout the city. I loved it! Honestly speaking, it really was like a mini London, England - full of life and beautiful architecture! Although, we thoroughly enjoyed our time on our little trip and it was time to say goodbye to little London and head back home. The drive back was brutal, since I didn't take in to consideration that the long weekend traffic would be coming back into the city, so I was stuck driving for another 23482847 hours. Sighs. So.... where to next?!??! 



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