Fall Frolicing and Horsing Around.

We LOVE long drives (the Hub and I), and last week, we decided to take full advantage of the beautiful Fall weather we were having, and go for a drive around the countryside. I'm not really and outdoorsy person; and i'd much rather be inside cuddled up, eating and watching a movie. However, I couldn't quite resist the beautiful colours and the spectacular scenery that comes with it, and so I decided to quit being a hermit and venture out. We really didn't plan where we were going or what we were going to do but as it turns out, along the way we made some friends ...
Horse friends - to be exact. You wouldn't even be able to imagine how immensely excited I was to see these beautiful creatures. I was smiling from ear to ear. I literally stopped the car mid road and shouted: "HORSEYS! HORSEYS! OMMGGGG!". As if I live under a rock and have never seen a horse in my life. Yeah. I put the car in park (left it on) jumped out and ran to fence. "Hi horseys! How are you?!?!" I squealed like child. They turned to look at where all the noise was coming from and slowly walked (see first image) towards me as they followed my voice. I kid you not. This is real life. They came up to the fence and stood. Unfortunately, I had nothing to offer them as food except for myself some sour cream and onion chips and spicy snacks - all things I didn't think would fit into a horses diet. I continued to talk to them and tease them as I moved around the area of the fence.
Many stared at me as they drove by but I didn't mind I was so happy to be in the presence of these beautiful beings. Just as I was about to come up with names for the horses, it was time to say goodbye, and not because I wanted to but because of the Hub. Actually, I think he found my attraction to the horses a little bizarre but I don't mind, I quite enjoyed myself. And that's what matters, right?


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