On the 16th of September, 22 years ago my parents were cursed (HAHA!) blessed with a tomato-head bug-eyed bundle of chubbiness (apparently I was 9-10 lbs at the time of birth - my poor mother!). Let me just say that I love being 22 so far.... It actually feels different. Looking back at the last 22 years of my life there were tons of ups and downs, REALLY crappy times and REALLY good times. I met some amazing people along the way (Hi J and V!), and lost some amazing people too. But that's how life goes. I have my regrets (who doesn't), but I am also incredibly proud of things I've done in my life. At 22 I feel a lot better  about where I am in life than I did at my 21st birthday. I'm excited to see what my 22nd year on this earth brings - hopefully good things!

My birthday started off great, aside from the fact that I had to work - thankfully it was an easy and stress-free work day! My co-worker treated me to a scrumptious indian lunch as a birthday present and another colleague of mine spoilt me with a gift! My work day ended early and after I ran some quick errands, then Soh and I settled down for a relaxing dinner at one of my favourite Afghani restaurants. We decided to go for a long night drive. We finished off the night with a large (YUMMY) Vanilla celebration birthday cake - another surprise from Soh! My birthday celebrations continued yesterday as we had an entire staff lunch and I expect the celebrations to continue till this weekend when I get to see my besties!


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