Sunday Synopsis 008

I must admit I cheated a little on this post; some of these activities were actually from last week! Haha!
one. I love experiencing Farmer's Markets and Food Bazaars so naturally I took Soh to see our local farmers market downtown. This years Farmer's Market was much bigger than last years when I went with the bestie, J, as you may remember in this post. There were more vendors and more variety of fruits, veggies, and novelties this time around including fresh corn! Corn on the cob, anyone?!

two. In terms of film, Soh and I always seem to agree on the same genre - Action! We love fast-paced thrillers with (you may have guessed it) CARS! We had seen Fast and Furious 6 a few months back (and LOVED it!!) and patiently awaited another film to suffice our car-racing cravings! Recently, the movie Getaway released starring Selena Gomez and Ethan Hawke and a gorgeous 2010 Ford Shelby Cobra - the highlight of the film.... We actually only chose the movie because of the car chases and although it wasn't that great a film, I liked it for the action. Selena Gomez was quite annoying as one of the main characters; and I didn't feel the connection between Ethan Hawke and herself. Basically, there was no chemistry between the two. Oh and one more thing, 90% of the movie took place in that beautiful car. 

three. I am considering starting Vlogs with the other half... What do you think? Yay or nay? I think it would be a lot of fun but I'm not particularly sure what we would Vlog about. Any suggestions? 

four. I've been really into smoothie-making lately. This weeks recipe includes Bananas, Apples, Fresh Spinach, Green Grapes, Dried Apricots, Cherries, Watermelon, 1/2 cup of Milk and 3/4 cup of Orange juice,  tbsp of Honey and tsp of Maple Syrup. Delish! What I love about smoothies is that you can add whatever you want (or whatever you have!) and create your own concoction. It's so quick and easy to make and perfect for non breakfast eaters like Moi!

five. You may remember in this post that I mentioned I had taken up painting, well .... I've decided to try something new - Calligraphy! I bought myself a beginners set to do some practice. I am looking to eventually get into classes and hopefully become pro. Okay, kidding about becoming pro, but I actually want to take up Arabic Calligraphy and decided to start learning on my own! I got this set at my local Michaels Arts and Crafts store for half price with the use of a coupon! Becoming quite savvy, I am! 

six. Naughty Me! I did a little bit of shopping! But I will say in my defense, that it was much needed and I bought everything on sale! Yipppeeeee! Again, savvy Saf here! I will do a Collective Haul post soon on all the things I have purchased so stay tuned! 

If you haven't noticed already I have a new blog layout all thanks to the lovely Shabna a UK Fashion and Beauty Blogger over at Scheine. She was fab to work with and did an amazing job at listening and responding to me as quickly as possible. Check out her blog and show her some love! What do you think of the new layout?! I'm loving it! 

Until next Sunday! Cheers!


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