meilleurs amis.

Yep! Just a quickie: I felt liking talking about the importance about Friends again, (you may remember my keep your friends close post from way back when). My Birthday Brunch with my besties got me thinking (yes, I have the capacity to think sometimes) about the relationship we share with our friends. Sure you have those friends that you say Hi and Hello to, maybe even give them a slight wave or a nod, and there are those friends that you say Hi, Hello, and hug and then... there are those friends that you're SO thrilled to see that you jump up and down squealing like a 5 year old. I'm talking about those friends - your besties!

Growing up, my family was never too keen on having friends and reminded my brother and I repeatedly that family was everything (little did I know that family is also the first to screw you over! But I'll save that for another post!). I assume their thoughts had to do with the personal experiences they had with friends throughout the years. Now family is God given, and although I am grateful - they can drive you NUTS sometimes. And during those times your best friends are your saviours - literally!

Your bests are there when you fall, when you cry, when you laugh and when you smile. They are there when you need an opinion (and even when you don't) or when you need an ear to listen, you can count on your friends being a text message or a phone call away. Contemplating buying that hideous pair of printed jeans? Ask your friends! No one better to tell you like it is or persuade you into buying something grizzly just for laughs - seriously!

Keep your friends close. You WILL need them at some point in your life. Your family will NOT be enough. You need to rely on your friends at some point. I know I have, when I needed the support. Just think that God forgot to give you your friends as family or just think that friends are the family YOU get to choose!

I met my two best friends in 9th grade science class in 2005 (I think...). When we graduated, we just assumed we would fall part since we were going to different post secondary schools and working. Let's just say life had consumed us. During the last year of high school we though about our future together as friends and "hoped" that we would continue to stay in touch and we decided to leave it to fate. It is now 2013, and four years later, (one of us has moved out of city to pursue her passion, the other married and working a 9 to 5 (guess who), and the third on her way to a rewarding career in medical) I am proud to say that we kept in touch and even though we hardly see each other as much, we are closer than ever! I'm so glad that we have kept in touch and I think we will continue to in the future. Heck, we've even decided to live in the same neighbourhood when we've settled down! I believe that even as life consumes a little more everyday we will somehow make an effort to stay connected in each other lives. No more leaving it just up to fate!

I am very grateful for my best friends who have stuck around with me thus far. I cherish them so much since I consider them the sisters I never had. THANK YOU J & V!

I know I said this would be a quickie but of course it wasn't .... I have zero self control, so when I start blabbering I never seem to stop. So if you made it to the end of this post then a big pat on the back for you! 

P.S. I am thinking of posting some controversial topics on this blog, how'd y'all feel about that?


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