Hello September!

Why hello there, September! This has to be my favourite month of the year, and that's not because I turn twenty-two this month but because the weather changes and that means Fall! Fall to me means, leaves changing colour, cooler breezes, comfy sweaters and boots! *Happy dance*

As you may have noticed, I took a small hiatus from the blog-esphere (and I won't bore you with lame excuses for my absense) but I will tell you that it was much needed! As much as I love my blog, I had to put it on the back-burner while I dealt with a little thing called LIFE. Thankfully, the events that occurred during my hiatus were all positive and i'm glad they came about when they did. I am fairly active on Instagram and if you follow me, you would know what I've been up to this last little while, *cough* food *cough*. I swear I must've gained 50 pounds - but all in the name of glorious food (of course)!

If any of you are "little-miss-nosey-pants" and would like to know what i've been up to this last little while: grab yourself a cuppa and get cozy, 'cause I have a lot to get through! 

The Swedish berries.
My Swedish family came to visit us here in Canada, as they do every year or so. It was lovely seeing them and my little Swedish babies grow up more and more every time I see them. This years visit was a little more low key, as they chose to stay close to home and spend their time with us in the city. We did quite a lot of shopping, movie-watching, jumping around and painting! We also spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the warm HOT weather.

Welcome to Canada.
I've blabbed about the Mr. on this blog from time to time (remember this post?) but haven't disclosed too much. However, recently he recieved his residency for Canada and is here to stay! It's been a rollercoaster ever since, trying to get settled into a routine, job hunting, etc. but I think I've got it under control. Plus, he's a smart guy. Likes to learn on his own and explore. Can't complain. Okay maybe I can ... about the never-ending cups of Chai he drinks!
I won't lie, he is part of the reason why this blog has been neglected. Sorry. I know. I know. Where are my priorities, right? And what happened to sisters before misters? Sighs. I'll make it up to you promise. Hmmm... maybe I'll just put him to work for this blog. I could use a helping hand. Har Har.

Happy Birthday.
This little bloggie turned a year old in July! I can't believe how fast time has really flown by. I started SMSYED after returning from my long stay in India last year as an outlet for me to rant and rave about things I love and hate. Thank you to all of you who have been reading from my earlier discontinued blogs till now (y'all know who you are :) . I truly love this blog,  and it's something I am quite proud of (as cheesy as that sounds). I hope to continue this blog for years to come. Cheers to that!

Sim Simma. Who got the keys to my beema Kia?!
I recently bought my first set of wheels and became a fully licenced driver! Wooohoooo! Road trip anyone?!? The new love of my life *pushes the Mr. out of the way* is my little black Kia Sportage. ***Squeeeeeaaaall!!!*** It's something I'm pretty proud of since I've been working so hard lately. I think everyone deserves to treat themselves and why not with an SUV?! I'm looking to name this puppy, any suggestions?! Leave 'em below!

Wannabe brunette.
Guess who has a new hair colour? Bored one weekend and with an extra box of Garnier Belle Colour 403 Dark Mocha Brown in-hand, I decided: Ahhh, why the heck not! I didn't think I would see any results on my black locks, but I gave it a go anyway and Voila! I now have Mocha brown hair! I know it won't last very long but I'm happy with and it's a nice subtle change from my usual. How long before I want to go back to black? Any guesses?

The month of mercy.
Ramadan has come and gone in the blink of an eye! This wasn't my best year for fasting, and as a matter of fact I wasn't even able to participate in Eid this year due to a heavy work schedule. Hopefully I will be able to participate whole heartedly in Ramadan next year and make the most of it. For all you lucky people who did make the most of it, Mabrook!
Rest assured that I will be back in full swing with my regular blogging as I have finally settled into a new routine. Also I have a new laptop to work with, so no excuses for slacking! Also, let me know what kinds of posts you'd like to see here; the lack of imagination that I seem to have is affecting the content of this blog. I'm desperate. Thanks.

I hope September treates us all well. For some it's back to school and College and for others it's back to work from a long summer vacay - either way I hope it's a good month. I'm expecting good things from September! Lets raise our mugs to that! Cheers! 


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