Brunch & OOTD's.

You may remember me mentioning in this post that my 22nd birthday celebrations would continue over the weekend and it did with a nice Sunday brunch treat at Cora's from best girls. We usually do dinner when we get together and I'm so glad we decided on Brunch this time around. For starters we had potato wedges with spinach, asparagus and cheese (devoured before I got a chance to photograph!) and smoothies - which were delish! Our mains were even more scrumptious! J and I ordered Theo's Vegetable Skillet, while V ordered the Spinach and Cheese Omelet - Yuuuummmmy! No girly get-together is complete without some chatter and laughs! I had such a fab time eating and chatting with J and V, that this has to be one of my most memorable birthday get-togethers yet!

Since my friends looked so amazingly cute I decided to take advantage of the situation and put them to work! Just kidding! I loved their outfits and wanted the whole world to see how fab they looked, and they kindly agreed to model for my mini impromptu photoshoot. Tell me these girls don't look amazing...I dare you! Since I took so many shots of these beauties, it was almost impossible for me to choose which ones to feature here on the blog. After one whole day of deciding I compiled some of my absolute faves in this post. If I had to choose one shot out of the entire shoot, it would have to be the second photo (captioned) featured below, effortlessly posing like the professionals. They totally OWNED that shot! 

I was jealous of the fact that these girls looked so good at our mini photoshoot that I wanted to look just as fab too and took some of my own photos - which didn't come out as good but it was worth a try! Here is my first proper OOTD on this blog (sad, I know) but better late than never, right? 
My fave shot! 
Here are the OOTD's :
Pink Sweater - H&M | Printed Scarf - H&M | Black Pants - Urban Planet | Black Combat Boots - Aldo | Earrings - Stitches | Tank Top - Urban Planet 
Chambray Blouse - Costa Blanca | Black Tights - Walmart | Animal Print Scarf - EBay | Cogniac Boots - Steve Madden |  Cogniac Bag - Aldo
Grey Sweater - Urban Planet | Jeans - Urban Planet | Animal Print Crossbody  - Shoe Company | Affra Lace Up Boots - Sears | Bracelets - Pandora 

I'll end this post with my cheeky smile; my makeup looks pretty darn good (if I do say so myself). Or it could just be the magic of my brothers amazing SLR camera. Sighs. I'll just pretend I have amazing skin and I always look this cheery.


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