Watchful Eyes.

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Sure, she wasn't the fairest of them all but so what? "There is more to life then being pretty and pastey-white, MOM!". She shouted from her bedroom. She couldn't stand her mothers' regular comments about her complexion, her hair, her style, and her attitude. I need to get use to tuning her out, she thought, as she plopped down, face first on to her luscious bed. Ugghh. I am so bored! She rolled over onto her back and stared up at the ceiling, I wonder what Jiya and Vishi are upto? She hadn't been in touch with her two best friends from Bangalore ever since she moved to Kolar, and (although she  denies it); she secretly resented and distanced herself from them, deliberately.
She decided not to let her negative thoughts get to her; Think happy thoughts, only happy thoughts! she chimed in her head. Suddenly, someone shouted, "Chal, aaja oyeee! Let's do this!". What the...? She thought as she ran over to her open window. "Kick it, damn it! To the left! Teri ma ki...yesss!". It was the same group of boys she had seen earlier, playing football. Great. She rolled her eyes, thinking: just what I need, indian FIFA going on right next to my bedroom window. As she turned away from the window, she stopped herself and smirked. Hmmm, let's have some fun with this.... 

"....HE SHOOTS HE SCORES!" shouted the boy in the red faded Manchester United jersey. "GGGGOOOAAAALLLLL!" shouted the curly haired boy who jumped up  and flapped around the field, full of joy. Pssh. These boys look like they've just won the world cup or something. She scoffed. "Nai, this is not done yaar. That's cheating. The line is there, you can't kick from here. This is not done!" whined the skinny tall boy with glasses. Oh, I know who he is - the snitch. The one who plays by the books and the sore looser. Ha. "Just shat up, Uzair. Tu ne khabhi bhi kick mari? Haha! Nai na? Saala. Tu khel tha hai kyun?" said faded-Manchester-United-jersey boy. "Arhaan, chodna yaar. Uzair, it's okay. Jaane de. We still have a chance. Let's play, come on!" said the buff boy in navy blue. Her eyes went wide. That was the guy she made the face at while on the terrace! The one who waved back at her..... Oh man. She slowly ducked under her window sill and watched as he patted his defeated teammate on the back and walked up the field.

Before she had a chance to formulate another thought: "ZZZZZOOOOEEEEEYYYAAAAAA" shouted a voice. Lord have mercy on my mother. "Make yourself useful and go get me these things from the store." Sighs. She peeled herself away from her window sill and made her way downstairs. "I even took the liberty of writing everything down for you" said her mother smartly, shoving the lengthy list into her hands. "And Zoeya, don't be long. I know you like to wander and dilly dally but none of that, okay?". I'd love to roll my eyes right about now but I won't. She thought. "Yes, ami" and with that off she went.

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