Sunday Synopsis 005

Today is Sunday March 12th and it's Mother's Day here in Canada! So to any of you Mummys out there reading, Happy Mummy's Day to you! I spent today with my Mummy, Grandmummy, my Aunties and Cousins for brunch at a South Indian place. Although I was anxious to fill my stomach, I seemed to have filled up on laughs and the company of family rather than the food! 

one. Me relaxing in bed and reading Lou Lou magazine. I love reading about flying in style! Although I never really apply any of what I read, I enjoy it nonetheless. I, however, cannot and do not understand how these celebs look so perfecto after going through all that airport security, sitting-sleeping-being uncomfortable on the flight, and finally more airport security. I don't know about you, but I look homeless when come off of a flight, nothing like the celebs! 

two. My three new polishes - as if I really need them! The question you should be asking yourself is: Saf? Didn't you just buy four new polishes? Well, actually, yes I did (I featured them in a post here)! I mean, one just cannot have too many nail polishes, now can they? I chose After Party and VIP from the Revlon  Top Speed line of polishes and 051 Starry Pink from theiroriginal line of nail enamel. I have yet to try these out and will def post about it! 

three. I just repurchased my fave dry shampoo EVER and I'm super excited about it! Yes, I get excited about dry shampoo, problem?! You may remember that I had emptied my Batiste's Boho Dry Shampoo in this post here; and then purchase the Tresemme A Fresh Start Dry Shampoo on a whim? Well, (thankfully) I've since emptied that one and repurchased this Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush! *Squeal* I can't wait to get back to using a REAL dry shampoo! 

four. My empties bin has grown so much in the last little while, and for good reason! I've repurchased my FAVE hair oil EVER! *drum roll please!* Moroccan Oil! I bought the sample size in 25 ml to try it out and see what the hype was all about and hands down love this stuff! I decided to go with the 100 ml since it was better value, will def last longer and has a pump! Review to come soon! 

five. six. seven. eight. I purchased four new Rimmel eye shadows on special since they are being discontinued(?!?) at my local drugstore. The first two were the Glam Eyes Mono Eye Shadows in 214 Jet black, and 120 Urban Green. As well as two of the Glam Eyes Trio Eye Shadows in 761 Sapphire Moonstone and 747 Dark Angel. I can't wait to try these out! 

nine. My happy/ slightly very cold face while trying to photograph all of these goodies. It looked quite pretty outside from my window and I decided that I would take advantage of the weather and take my images outside. Bad idea! It was sooooo cold! AND let me remind you, it is almost mid-May! Double-u-tee-f! What is going on with this bipolar weather? I was just about to put my winter clothes away! 

ten. My outfit of the day. Just kidding. I just wanted you all to see how glamourous I looked for the photoshoot. A fur jacket, striped pyjamas and green flats. How stylish of me. 

eleven. What my laptop screen looks like: Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster (that's one messed up movie, lemme tell you. I'm don't have an opinion on it yet....) going on in the background while I tweak the blog in the foreground. I love to multi task. Did I ever tell you? 

Hope I can keep up with these post more regularly, I've been slacking! You have permission to kick me...... Lightly. 


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