Sunday Cakes & Chillers @ Coffee Culture

I generally dislike Sundays but I have to admit I quite enjoyed the last one that passed! I spent the afternoon at Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery downtown, with my best friends for some scrumptious cake and cold drinks! This was our very first Coffee Culture experience and needless to say, we LOVED it! The overall atmosphere was so calm and welcoming; perfect for quiet study or chit chat with friends! I actually prefer it to the more prominent cafes in town: Starbucks and Second Cup. We were in the mood for cake - (Red Velvet and Chocolate Corruption to be exact) and Wildberry Chillers, perfect for a hot day! 
Can't wait to try out some of the other goodies on the menu! 

P.S. How do you like the quality of the photos? Pretty damn good, eh? Thank the little brother. I stole his pro camera!


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