Roaring engines and narrow streets.

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"Uggh, really? Dhal? Gobi? Namak?" She scorned as she read her mother's shopping list. "How boring". By now, the sun was setting in the distance  and it was beginning to go dark. She walked through the main road, past the white clock tower, and into a bustling narrow lane filled with small independant shops. She could hear the tinkering of mechanics hammering away, while Sheila Ki Jawani blared in the background. The sizzling of freshly-made Jalebis and Pakoras had her mouth watering. Maybe I could stop for a bite? She thought, eyeing the fried goodies but decided against it; as she remembered her mother's warning about dilly dallying.  Sighs. Not today, Zoeya. Not today. She huffed walking away.

Nearby, the roar of motorcycle engine could be heard. And shortly after, another. VVVRROOOOM. VVVROOOOMMMM. "FIIIIIVE! FOURRRR! THREEEEE! TTTT...." and before he could finish, Arhaan zoomed off. "Eh! Eh! Eh! Oyee! PHIR CHEATING KARAI TU!" Uzair shouted  at Arhaan. And before he could say another word, Zaki zoomed off. "RE-MATCH! THIS ROUND DOESN'T COUNT!" shouted Uzair throwing his hands in the air. But it his accusations fell on deaf ears, and the other boys just cheared on. The match ended with a score of five/five, and the boys decided that a final race would be the ultimate tie-breaker.
Cunningly, Arhaan took a difficult route to purposely throw his challenger off. Zaki soon realised this; as he watched Arhaan effortlessly glided through a narrow alleyway and dart swiftly around street corners. Surprisingly, this, did not faze Zaki. In fact, he was now, more determined than ever to beat Arhaan, and with that he revved the engine of his charcoal black Bajaj Pulsar and followed closely behind. Arhaan, still riding, turned to look back at Zaki and shouted over his roaring scarlet red Suzuki GSX-R, "Aaja re! What are you doing back there? I thought this was a race?! Hahaha!". Zaki, revved right upto Arhaan's side. "Yeh abhi shuroowaad hai bachchu." VVROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. "The race starts now!". He shouted as he zoomed ahead into the crowded streets of MG Road.

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