A sense of feeling. At loss for words.

I didn't know how to start this post as I am at loss for words. Usually all of my blog posts have a purpose or a message but if you find that this post is all over the place it's because I don't actually know what to say...

There are a lot of tragedies that happen around the world, don't get me wrong, but for some reason this particular story hit me super hard. I guess it's because I have someone important in my life (that I can't imagine living without), and so I've become so sensitive about things like this. I cannot read/see/hear/or watch anything that has to do with separation, divorce, and spouse deaths etc. For some reason I don't have the same tolerance for these things as I use to....
I'm the type of person who likes to be able to relate to things easily, whether it be movies or a book, I automatically put myself in the position of the protagonist and imagine myself in their situation. I think it's because I am really in tune with my feelings and emotions- which is not always a good thing.... 

What I'm actually trying to get at is the tragedy that happened here in Ontario this past week. I don't want to go into too much detail as to what happened but you can read about it via the Toronto Star online here and here and or watch here.

Here is a simplified version:
A man posted his truck for sale online. Two men who are interested, contact the seller for a test drive. The three men (including the seller) go for a test drive at 9 PM on Monday, May 6th, and the seller of the truck never returns home. The seller's family contacts the police and an search is on for the missing man. He was found murdered on Monday, May 13th.
That to me is just devastating. Absolutely devastating. I can't even begin to imagine how the family must feel to know that their son/brother/father and husband is never coming back. I had a hard time watching the broadcast of the wife making a statement on television; and I still cannot get myself to read about it or watch the entire story.

I feel so much for the wife that I cannot begin to explain. My heart feels heavy, and this guilty feeling has overcome me. I'm clueless as to why. Maybe I am sensitive to her pain? Or maybe because I feel like I can identify and understand her pain because I, myself, am a wife!? I don't know. I think it's because I put myself in her shoes and thus I think I know how she feels... but I'm probably wrong.

Things like this honestly put the world in perspective. This blog, where I rave about the new nail polishes and eye shadows that I've recently purchased, really means nothing. Life is so much more  then having the latest in technology and wearing the best clothes... I've realised that I need to cherish the relationship I share with the Mr. a lot more than I do now, because if I were to loose him, god only knows what I would do.

To the family and friends of Tim Bosma: I'm sorry for your loss. Words cannot even explain.

 Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un (إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ)
To him we belong and to him we will return.


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