Nails, Face & Eyes: New Beauty Bits

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been doing a lot of little beauty hauls here on the blog, (the funny thing is that I intended for this blog to be more of outfit posts) but since I basically live in either PJ's and work scrubs (I'm a little hermit), I don't have too many outfits for me to show! I seem to have drifted to beauty posts for now - but I hope you don't mind! 
If you know me then you know I'm completely useless and late when it comes to trends, I never seem to be get into to things when they blow up or become "a thing". That's just how I am - a LATE sheep. Anywho. My justification for buying these polishes were "Ouuuuuuu they're so pretty!" *bats eyelashes*. That's about it really, no real reason for purchasing these bad boys except ..... LOOK AT THOSE COLOURS?! Beauts, I tell you! I know they aren't exactly "Summer" colours but meehhh. To each its own. I chose two GORGEOUS polishes from Revlon in the shade Trendy and Chic and two polishes from NYC in Manhattan and Columbus Circle Crimson. I can't wait to try these out! 
Is it just me or is colour matching just plain tedious?! It can be so difficult and not to mention time consuming trying to pick the perfect powder, foundation and BB cream! I mean it's not rocket science but it sure feels like it! I've been shying away from face powders for fear that I too will look ghost faced after choosing the wrong shade! Thankfully that did not happen with the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in the shade Silky Beige. I've only used it once since I purchased it but so far so good! The selling point for me was the fact that helps with shine control, which I suffer from imensely. This product has been floating around the blog-sphere as well as YouTube for quite some time and I have even heard that it's a possible(?!?) dupe for a MAC powder (is this true?!?!) soooooo I jumped on the bandwagon! I hope to do a review on this in the near future! 
I've been in love with white eyeliners since highschool(?), especially Annabelle Kohl eyeliners - which I've been using for years! This eyeliner is more of a subtle metallic eye pencil and it looks super pretty on the water line and the inner corners of the eyes, and helps to brighten my peepers up! 
I've been hunting this shiz down for (god only knows) how long, it's been sold out everywhere - I kid you not! I didn't give up and I finally found it at my local department store and I ended up grabbing the last one of the shelf! Pheww! I'm so glad I found it. I still haven't tried it out yet but I will very soon!


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