Jealous, Burned Out, and Agitated.

Disclaimer: If you do not care to read personal sob stories or rants then [ X ] your way out of this page because this post is not for you. There will be ton of whining, feeling-sorry-for-myself, annoying remarks, and did I mention whining? For a happy post please check back here at a later date. Thanks. XO
Life can be such a piss off sometimes. I feel like nothing seems to go right - at least with me. I'm sure everyone has felt like this at some point in their life; so you may be able to relate. Lately, I've been feeling like Downer Debbie or in my own words a grumpy bear for a number of reasons... This is where I become ungrateful Saf: and although I have food to eat, a nice warm bed, and clothes to wear (when there are people out there who have none), I feel like MY life generally sucks. You know that feeling were nothing goes your way? Like EVER?! Story of my life! 

JEALOUS. When someone gets something that I want and I don't have it. There I said it. I'm one of those super jealous people out there who wants everything that everyone else has. I realize I sound very sad, superficial and materialistic but it's the truth. It's like when you were a kid, and you've been saving up all of your babysitting money for months to buy that new fancy red bike and then the kid down the street gets it and you just stand and stare. Yeah. That. 
BURNED OUT. Just generally tired of not having anything go my way. It's like WHHEEEEENNN will things get better? I can't help but sulk about this, since I feel like I try, and work so hard to do things right but I feel like I haven't gotten anything out of it ... I feel like I've been driving for days and I keep hitting dead ends.
AGITATED. Another word for annoyed and frustrated. I'm so agitated with life its ridiculous! I just want things to get better. I don't need to be a millionaire and have big fancy things, I just want a little more than I have now, with a little more freedom. Is that to much to ask? 

Hoping for better days,


  1. I'm sorry I didn't see this post earlier love & you're right, this happens to EVERYONE! I was feeling this way just two weeks ago, in fact I was calling myself Debbie Downer too.
    Everyone feels a bit of jealousy (again, including me) I don't think anyone is above it. I think the key is to focus on on what you have & I know that although you're currently feeling down, your life is awesome too.
    In short everybody goes through shitty patches but the key really is to focus on the positive things & have some distractions (hobbies!), whatever they may be.
    And even my shitty moods are made better by a day or two of going away. Doesn't have to be anywhere fancy (in fact sometimes I find extremely bare setups work better) but I like to be doing some kind of activity close to nature.
    I really hope you feel better soon. Lots of Love & Hugs!

    1. Phew! I'm glad I'm not alone! You are SO right! I'm doing just that(trying to focus on the positive), but sometimes I can't help it! :P
      I've decided to take your advice and keep myself busy with the things that I love doing, ie. this blog, and reading!
      Thank you for your lovely comment, Mag! You've made my day!


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