Sunday Synopsis 004

I've had such a wonderful Easter Long Weekend! Two days off of work! Stress free! Absolute bliss! Friday was great; I slept in and started the day off right with Jumma (Friday) prayers at the Mosque and took part in the (yummy) food bazar with the cousins, which was crazy but fun! What's a Friday without a little shopping? I welcomed Spring/Summer with some bright maxi skirts and dresses and pretty earrings. The night ended with a late show of OZ the Great and Powerful at the theatre with the cousins! I was pretty tired by the end of the day and plopped right into bed! 

Saturday was much more low key with some spring cleaning, and a little handy work here and there. I also did quite a bit of organizing in regards to clothes, makeup and my magazines! Another sucessful but tiring day! I swear cleaning/organizing can be sooooooo satisfying, or is that just me?!?! Sunday was a very chill day. I didn't do much except try out an Egg and Olive Oil Hair Mask (post on this soon), laundry, some more getting rid of old unwanted things, a walk outside, Youtube, movies and did I mention laundry? 

one. My work space as I was working on my "secret" inside project (sshhhhh! don't tell anyone!) here at home. Very few (to none) know about my actual goal/dream in life and although I won't tell you as yet you may be able to get a gist. If you absolutely must know; I'm working on my Inspiration book! *wink* 

two. My NOTD! It's been a while since I've done one of these! I know that spring is around the corner and I'm "suppose" to bring out the pastels and light shades to welcome the season but if you know me then you know that I will do the exact opposite! I chose a light Taupe shade instead from the Essence Cherry Blossom Girl line of cosmetics in 02 - My Little Kimono. The photos do it NO justice whatsoever! This shade doesn't photograph very well but up close it's gorgeous, I promise you! I've only ever come across matte Taupe nail polishes and to my surprise this one included light glitter in it that wasn't tacky at all! 

On another note: One of my lovely bloggy girlies Laiqah, of Lucky Loves has had her little bundle of joy this month, which I am SO excited about! She's such a lovely person and she has amazing style! Congratulations Lucky on little, M-bear! ♥ 

& In other exciting news: I've won the Hinde Jellal Calligraphy contest via Facebook! Woooohooo! Hinde makes some beautiful Calligraphy pieces - she is truly talented! I get to choose my prize which I am so  estatic about! Can't wait!! 

That's all for this week! Oh and Hello there, April! Can't believe how fast time is flying!


  1. This nail polish color looks really pretty!

    Keep bloggin'
    Lots of love, Maho


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