Casual OOTD & New Jewellery Bits

Well hello there! It's either all or nothing with me, eh? Two posts in 2 days! Go Saf! Today I met up with one of my favourite girls EVER for a lunch/shopping date! Remember me talking about taking a day off in this post and this post? Well ... I did just that and it felt SO good! I can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed and tension free! We had a lovely time and had some yummy food which you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram

We chatted and chatted for hours and hours since I hadn't seen her in literally FIVE PLUS YEARS! I am not kidding you, it has been that long! She has since married and even has a two year old! It saddens me that I've missed so much of her life and she mine. During todays outing, we were able to share our personal  feelings about certain circumstances since we are both sailing in the same boat! It was great! It's nice to be able to talk to someone you can relate to, knowing that they understand. 

Okay, enough with the sappiness, and onto the real reason why you are still reading this post! Since it was just a casual day out, I dressed for exactly that! I went with a purple embroidered cami, a white leopard print cardigan, topped with a black belt and dark washed jeans. I did without any jewellery or accessories - minus my new Michael Kors Crossbody (another anniversary gift from Momma dukes)! 
I didn't do any major shopping or make any big purchases this time around since I was wwwaayy too excited to reconnect with my long lost girly! We did, however ,decide to get something together that matched so that we could remember this day by. We chose jewellery to do just that. The square spiked studs were something I found on  a whim but honestly fell in love with instantly! The bracelets on the other hand, just scream PRETTY ARM CANDY! I have become quite a bracelet person this last little while that I no longer even glimpse at even necklaces! Shock. Horror. The last bracelet set (dark beads) was actually a gift from my lovely herself! I simply cherish these bracelets because they are just so pretty and they remind me of this special day!

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