All work and no play.

Hello hello. Long time no see. No I mean it. I haven't been on my blog since my last post which was only last week (it seems like ages!). I haven't been reading blogs or even taking a peek at my favourite ones.... I'm not sure what's gotten into me. At first it was because I was travelling inner city to work 10 hour shifts - but that office is now under reno I haven't been going since the beginning of March, which means I am working closer to home. So what's my excuse now?

I'm not going to sit here and write a sappy "why-I'm-on-hiatus" post for you guys (although it's starting to sound like one..) but I will tell you what's getting to me. I guess I wasn't sure myself until recently (more like right now) but I've finally figured it out.

Lately it's been "all work and no play" for me. 6 days a weeks. 8-12 hour days. Repetitive. Tiring. Habitual. Boring. And just plain sucky. Yes, I just used the word "sucky". . . .

When I first returned to work after my 8 month long stay in Bangalore, India I was estatic, on top of my game and performing superbly. Now I can tell, myself and my work are suffering immensely. I'm just not performing as I use to, I'm slacking and my drive seems to have gone out the window. What's up? I've figured it out. Saf, needs to go out and play. She's been stuck inside for wwwaayyyy too long.

In big people words: she needs time off.
Kerala, India
Not only time off, but a long relaxing vacation (any suggestions?) somewhere far from routined life and annoyances. I've been working straight since the last 7 months (minus a few sick days) and haven't taken time off to actually do anything for myself. I'd like to travel, explore, experience and unwind. 

Although that may seem impossibly impossible at this point in time. It's the truth. I need to get out of my scrubs and into some jetskis (or something) and just enjoy NOT working for a while.

Oh joy. My collegue just announced she's going away for a few weeks. Guess I'll be keeping my scrubs on for a little longer. Sighs.


  1. Ufff I know the feeling. It happened to me for a while when I had college & a part time job. I was tired, sleep deprived & felt like I was constantly running on empty!
    I hope you get a break soon, Saf! Even just a couple of days will make a world of difference.

  2. I know how you feel, I really need to take some time off from whatever it is I'm doing now.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  3. Oh, you truly deserve some vacation! I just started following you, feel free to follow back if you want to!

    /S / http://


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