Sunday Synopsis 002

one. Me and my winter hat. I have a love hate relationship with hats and I usually don't wear them. Hats don't seem to like me either; they look great on the racks but the moment I pull it over my head, it no longer looks as good as it did....*sighs* My head is too big and awkward for hats, but this one is too cute! I love the sequined ears and the overall shape of the hat doesn't look too bad on my head! 

two. My work desk. I feel like work [seriously] takes over your life. Well, at least mine. I'm already awaiting  my retirement. Hahah!  I work tons and thought I should def include it in this post because it is a huge part of my week. 

three. My two new reads for the month. The March issue of Teen Vogue and the October 2012 Issue of Vogue India. Yes, the twenty-twelve issue. That's the amazing thing (sarcasm alert) about living abroad, you get back issues from 5 months ago as the most recent issues on our magazine stands. Nonetheless, at least we get issues!  *happy dance* 

four. My London calender that I got for a steal at my local bookstore chain, Chapters! The artwork in this calender is amazing! I've been after a London/ UK calender for the longest time but never found one I liked or could fathom spending over 10 bucks on. 

five. SJP NYC Fragrance. You may remember me talking about it in my post here. I finally picked it up at (of course) a steal at my local drugstore, I just couldn't resist! It smells like a dream - perfectly elegant, feminine and light! The scent lasts quite long which is great. I'm not a fan of the packaging but I'm happy to add it to my perfume collection! 

six. Christie Subway Station. I've been transferred inner city to work at another office closer to downtown Toronto and I'm ecstatic! I'm so ready for change (and a bigger pay cheque) and I believe it's come at a good time! 

seven. My new toy (and I love it)! I've been meaning to get a new phone and switch companies for the longest time but I'm holding on because I'm happy with my plan and the features - but a new phone was much overdue.  Also, I've jumped on the Instagram bandwagon - finally!! You can follow me here and I'd love to follow you back!  

I know! I know! Today isn't Sunday and I'm late with this post but it's here! Hope you liked it (and with a lot less words)! 


  1. Fun glimpse of your week... I love the cute hat. And the art on that perfume bottle looks lovely!

    1. Thanks, Mag! It does! That's what caught my eye and was one of the reasons I bought it! ;)

  2. Aww, aren't you the cutest in your hat! :)


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