Not Such A Fresh Start: Review

I love the feeling after I wash my hair - the freshness, the scent, that 'clean' feeling, it just makes me happy! Because of that, I use to wash my hair EVERY single day! I learnt, however, that washing your hair everyday is in fact BAD for it!! It strips the hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle and damaged. I don't know what's worse. Oily hair or damaged hair? The natural oils that my scalp produces are great and all that, but it leaves my hair unmanageable and me super annoyed! Greasy hair is a big no-no for me, and I've had to suffer  the wrath until Dry Shampoos were first introduced - at which time I was still skeptical. Could a measly spray actually combat the grease in my hair!?! I was in doubt until I purchased my very first can of the Batiste Boho Dry Shampoo (mentioned here in my October Favourites post). I was in love! Who ever came up with the idea of a dry shampoo is a genius! What a life saver (#firstworld problems)!
My most coveted dry shampoo is now in my empties bin (waiting to be photographed and shown in a my Beauty Empties post - coming soon!) and I was now on the hunt for another. Any smart person would've thought: Hmmm.... the last product I used was great and I really like it, why not just buy the same one again?! But NO. What did I decide to do? Venture out and explore my horizons. I mean the dry shampoo aisle to be exact. I stopped by my local drugstore and chose the Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo since I had heard good things about it all over the world wide web and on top of that, it was on sale for a fiver and some change. I was so happy with myself! I thought I had a great product in my hand for a steal of a price (since the Batiste line ranges from $7.99 and up). Score!
No. Fail actually. EPIC fail! Aside from the scent there is nothing I liked about this product. For one, when the directions ask you to shake vigorously, they mean it. I was shaking the can until my arm was about to fall off. I'm not joking! The product hardly came out even after a couple of shakes. Second, I found that the actual product (once out of the can) is sticky and not easy to work with. There was lots of left over residue that wouldn't go away even after a couple of hours of application. I used my hands and a brush to separate the product throughout the hair shaft but no avail. Also, it left my hair stiff (just as hair spray would) and flat/ without any movement. On one instance, my hair looked horrible and like it had been sprayed with tons and tons of hairspray - this came from my Mum (whom I had asked for her opinion) after working with the product for over 20 minutes.
The good:
~ Reasonably priced.
~ Didn't mind the scent.

The bad:
~ Difficulty removing product from packaging.
~ Product difficult to work with.
~ Leftover residue. 
~ Sticky, hairspray-like consistency.
~ Hair looked and felt horrible.

The verdict:
I would not repurchase this product again, nor would I encourage you to purchase this product. It did nothing to help the greasiness of my hair, it was very difficult to work with and I absolutely hate the leftover residue! You might as well go out with greasy hair! Fresh Start? I think not.

My rating:
3-4 / 10
I gave this product numerous chances on different occasions and conditions to thoroughly test it out for a fair review. I generally like Tresemme products and had high hopes for this one but just my luck! I'd choose greasy hair any day over having to use this product! I think I'm better of with my Batiste Boho; never leaving that dry shampoo for another ever again!
Have you ever tried or used the Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo before? If not, what's your favourite dry shampoo?

*** Please note that reviews can be tricky! Just because a product works wonderfully for me, does not mean it will work the same for you. Just the same, if a product does not work well for me, does not mean that will be the same for you. Please consider hair type, thickness, and hair damage as factors that may alter the way the product reacts to you as opposed to myself. Please keep in mind, that there are no guarantees. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own,  my reviews are always given thorough consideration and fair trial.*** 


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