Do It Myself: Vision Board
Lately I've been inspired to create my own vision/ mood/ inspiration board in my room. I use to have a small one back at my parents place in my own room but I've taken it down and hope to make a new one, (possibly a lot larger) at my place. I think these boards are great for inspiration, or to display achievements, future aspirations or just random personal things. It's one of those things that you can lie in bed and stare at on a rainy day or when you are lost in the world and need some sense of direction or cheering up! Watch this space, I might just show you mine (when I finally get it started)! 


  1. I love mood boards :) But I would need like a mood house to fit all the inspiration in ;)

    – Sofie

    1. Sofie,
      Hahaha! Your comment made me smile :)

  2. I love vision boards! I bought a pinboard for my room but it's covered in ugly blue velvet, which I hate! Wish I had waited for a simple + classy corkboard. So I stay content with Pinterest for now. Would love to see yours when it's done!

    1. Mag,
      Pinterest doesn't do it for me, I'm not sure why :/
      I'm still deciding how to do mine ... so many ideas and so many choices! I'll blog it when I can! ;)


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