Style Crush: The Olsen Twins

Readers beware! Accessive fan-girling below. This is just a quickie post, regular posts coming soon. 
Feast your eyes on the ever-so stylish Olsen Twins! Mmmm! I just love their style (especially their street style) and sense of fashion. They make a simple jeans and tee look super stylish! Many of you may agree with me when I say that their style is very boho chic. I've loved the Olsen Twins since they first starred as Michelle, in episodes of Full House, to reading their Two Of A Kind and So Little Time book series and beyond. My mum never understood my fascination with the twins, and did not approve of them and their sense of fashion at all! Nonetheless, I still kept up with the twins as I grew older and still look up to them today! My favourite outfit (pictured above) has to be image 6; the all black outfit with the oversized handbag and ... *drum roll* blue converse! Who would've thought that converse could be paired with such a sleek ensemble? LOVE LOVE LOVE! Another reason to love the twins - their fashion risks! *sighs* Wish they could give me some pointers! Which outfit is your fave? Let me know below! 


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