Hello there Belles! Here's another one of them "want" posts of things that I REALLY REALLY want but obviously DON'T need. Right. So, if you don't know what a Cloche or a Bell Jar is; well then you must be living under a rock or something. Just kidding! Cloches are a solid piece of glass shaped into a dome and  were originally used to protect seedlings and early plants from frost and cold ... Now however, they are used  as home decor pieces. I would really love to get myself some Cloches for jewellery storage since I think they would look magnifique! 

I found these specific Cloches from Pottery Barn (LOVE LOVE LOVE!) and I want them! Don't they look gorg?! They only down side to these Cloches are priced between $50-$65 EACH!! What?!? Sighs. Maybe when I'm a millionaire. Also, apparently Pottery Barn is discontinuing these Cloches so they will not be available for much longer. Big sigh. How do you store your jewellery? 


  1. I love these for jewellery... Great storage idea!
    I actually want to use the ones that's actually designed for cakes. I've seen some at home decor stores here... Just need to make space for them, they would look so gorgeous! They're more of a want than a need :)

    1. Ouuu! I know which ones you are talking about, those look great too!
      I totally agree! ;)


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