Designer Showcase & Day of Remembrance

Why hello there! I just wanted to share a little peak of my weekend with you, I hope your weekend was fun! It started off early with an 8 AM shift at work; afterwards I was able to make the BCC FashioniCITY Designer Showcase at my local mall. I made it just in time to grab a seat, eeeeek! I almost got standing! 

The show was hosted by Dina Pugliese, (host of Canada’s Got Talent and Breakfast Television) she was great and I really admire her stage presence! She interacted with the audience members really well and that's what made her such a great host. The event started off with a trend report from FASHION Magazine's Senior Editor, Sarah Casselman and Beauty Director Lesa Hannah. This part of the event was quite long and I found it hard to focus of what was being said because of all the commotion going on - in and around the event. I would've liked the event to have taken place at a slightly secluded area where people who were actually interested could actively participate. Nonetheless, it was great! 

Host Dina Pugliese gave away gift certificates to attendees who were able to answer trend questions that related to the event. This was a great incentive to get the audience to participate. My favourite part of the showcase had to be the fashion show. I loved the looks that were presented; they were easily wearable (and not to mention affordable) unlike some of the fashions you seen on major runways. The clothing items were  from shops within the mall, so they could be easily found, which is a plus.

There was also an opportunity to win a $1500 makeover which is much needed by myself now that I think of it ... remind me, why didn't I enter?! The best part had to be the Blogger Fashion Face-off where Toronto's three top bloggers: Richard Fabregui of Toronto Is FashionChristina Cravero of The Style Mogul, and Dani Goddard of Girls Of T.O. competed to create the best outfit and win $1000 to a charity of their choice! The winner of the face-off was Richard Fabregui whose winnings were donated to the CIBC Breast Centre at St. Michael's Hospital. They're blogs are fab by the way, I've checked them out - you should to! 

My time at the event ended there as I had somewhere else to be, unfortunately. Here's a little sneak peek:
Beauty Director Lesa Hannah presenting the beauty trends for this season.
Host Dina Pugliese

FASHION Magazine's November 2012 cover 

My favourite look! 
The goods for the Blogger Face-off.
Dina Pugliese with top bloggers: Christina CraveroDani Goddard, and Richard Fabregui

#LestWeForget today is Remembrance Day. A day to say THANK YOU to all of our Veterans. I was tweeting and re-tweeting Remembrance Day messages all day out of respect for our fallen soldiers. I spent the rest of the day doing chores and finally retired to my cozy bed as I've caught a bug. Sniffle. Sniffle. Snort. Pass a tissue will you?  

Let me know how your weekend went, what your favourite look was from the fashion show and why. For all you shoppers out there: I have set up my EBAY shop so do keep an eye out! 


  1. Great post! I love the purple pants and black jacket look and it looks like that one was your favourite one as well. Come by and check out my blog, if you like it I would love it if you followed me.

    xo Andrea

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I will def check out your blog :)


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