Shades of October

Here we are saying goodbye to October already, is it me or did this month go by fast?! It's hard to believe that it there are only two months left till the new year! Whoa. So much happened this past month but I can honestly say its been a positive time for me. On the 1st: I started back at my old/new job and I feel right at home! I've become a lot more comfortable with things now and I'm generally content with how things have gone this month. The only thing I hated was October's weather this year, it was horrendous! The 29th: A very HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY to my little brother :) Even though you won't read this, I'm immensely proud of you and the person you've become. Thank you for helping me when I was in a time of need. The only piece of advice: Listen to Mum sometimes, she has your best interests at heart ;). 
Other than that, October has been a HUGE learning experience financially speaking, (god, I need to learn to budget!!). I hope to have a better plan for November, any suggestions? For now I leave you with the many shades of (early) October, now its plain ugly and wet! Watch this space in November! Ciao for now. X


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