Beets, Long Walks, and Old Movies

How are you doing Bloggerellas? It's been a whole week since I've spoken to you all! Just wanted to share my Sunday with you (I hope you don't mind!). It went a little something like this ... I did some chores this morning -BORING. Ran some errands -BORING. Okay I'll stop now .... but I did get quite a bit accomplished! After all that boringness: I made my self a yummy (and not mention healthy!) lunch. Now I know some of you will cringe the minute I say Beetroots. Well, I don't mind because I love 'em! And did I mention that Beetroots are a great source of Iron, an immunity booster and a cancer fighting agent?! I bet you aren't saying 'YUCK' now! I cooked my Beets Indian style with a variety of spices and other vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, coriander and carrots. On the side I decided to add buttered garlic naan for even more taste! Tell me that your taste buds aren't fighting with each other! LOL. Enough of the food, now on to other things ... I went out for a walk (and to do some otherwise BORING errands) but on the way I picked up a copy of the November issue of Teen Vogue and the ever coveted Breakfast At Tiffany's DVD, I can't wait to see it! Afterwards, I was buried in application papers for the Mr. and spent some time doing that whilst watching a hindi rom-com Tanu Weds Manu. I love this movie! I've watched it 98247408 times and never get tired of it! You might have a favourite go-to movie that you can watch 1000000 times; if so, I'd love to know! After all that, I don't actually feel like going to work tomorrow. Sighs. What did you do this weekend? Cheers! 


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