NCOTW: Moon Over Mumbai

Why hello there Bloggerellas! How do you do? I decided to do a beauty related post today on my Nail Colour Of The Week (NCOTW) featuring: Moon Over Mumbai by the prominent (and a little pricey!) nail polish brand, O.P.I. I'm pretty sure there is no need to do an introduction to the company because I am confident that you've heard/seen/tested/bought/owned an O.P.I polish. While  O.P.I is hands down my favourite brand, I'm deeply saddened to announce that O.P.I's  Moon Over Mumbai shade is simply disappointing! One fine morning, I came to decide that I must get a light GREY nail polish or my life is simply incomplete.... (complete stupidness I know but I was going through a phase) and so I was on the hunt for a light grey polish for my claws. I REALLY wanted to try a polish from the Summer 2008 India collection: Color Nirvana, check out shades from the collection here - next on my list is Black Cherry Chutney and Get  Me To The Taj On Time (squeal!).

Moon Over Mumbai is the only grey I own, out of fear that the other brands wouldn't match up to the formula and consistency of O.P.I. This is my second time wearing this shade and I am still not satisfied! I applied 2 coats but am not at all happy with the colour... I was looking for a subtle light matte grey polish for everyday wear, and this was def not it! It looks very much like white which I was trying to avoid! Your opinions? One positive is that it has hardly chipped even after a two week application - way to go O.P.I ! I wish the colour was exactly the way it is in the bottle ...  Anywho, I will try 3+ coats next time and maybe I'll have better luck!
You are more than welcome to let me know if you have any suggestions for light grey polishes! I'd be happy to hear :) I'm now off to get my nails Birthday ready! Cheers.


  1. I have heard so much about OPI but haven't bought one yet. I can't justify spending that much on polish because I bite my nails, so I stick to Maybelline mostly. Sad about this one but love the name ;)

    1. I love OPI! You should def try it out! I do agree, it is pricey :S Hahah, I bought it for the name too!


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