Lazy Weekend & Monday Humor

Hello there Bloggerellas! I've been feeling this song a lot lately and I'm not sure why .... maybe you can tell me? Have a listen will you!?! Well this is a bit of a fab blab shab post where I discuss utter nonsense that is currently occurring in my life ... fascinating, don't you think? Just wanted to touch on what went down this past lazy weekend! It started of with a tasty macaroni brunch and some lazying around in my PJ's watching randomness on YouTube until I decided that I needed to get off my @$$. I looked out of my massive window and it looked gorgeous outside! I went for A Walk in the Park to get rid of all those nasty carbs I've been stuffing my face with ... I was feeling really good about taking a walk (see the vlog here)and being all "healthy" and all that jazz until I got this bright idea to buy an unhealthy amount of chocolate and candy and stuff myself even MORE! Great. Just GREAT. I felt a little guilty afterwards and thought to myself that having a heart attack (after eating all that junk) at the age of 21 isn't a great idea so I half heartedly convinced myself to give the kid next door all some of my stash. She was quite pleased. I, however, was not. Sighs. Moving right along ... Those gold beauties that you see (above)  there were worn to *drum roll please* YES! I bet you guessed wrong! A wedding was probably the last place you might wear these but I'm just plain weird unusual like that. And get this: I wore it with an Indian outfit too. Ooouuuu. Even more unconventional. Ahh well, that I am. I may go into a little more detail when I do the wedding outfit post, it will give you a better picture as to why I said that a wedding is the last place you'd wear 'em, so stay tuned!

And now for a little humor ... check out this image my younger brother made:

HAHAHA! Hows that for a laugh?! Just don't show my mum! Check out TheBeings449 here .

* My fave bloggerella, Lucky has some amazing news and I'm just estatic - AHHHHHH! :) Wow! This Septembers been a good month! So action packed and full of amazing milestones! Cheers to October, hope it will be this amazing!

P.S. THE UPLOAD QUALITY ON VLOG 2 IS HORRENDOUS - I REALIZE. During playback on my laptop it was perfect but on YouTube the quality changed! I don't know how to fix it, unfortunately. Sorry.


  1. Thank you for the mention my sweetheart and for your very SWEET comment! ♥

    Can't wait to see your wedding outfit doll! :)

    Lots of hugs!
    Lucky & Baby :)

  2. Just watched your vlog! Your accent is so cute! :) :)

    Its so pretty. Especially the lake.
    Really want all that yum candy! :)

    1. No problem! :)
      Hahah! You like my accent? :P
      Thanks for commenting!


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