21 Years.

I'm eating Double Sour Skittles as I write this which are VERY sour! Last Sunday, the 16th of September I celebrated my 21st Birthday. It's hard to believe that I'm 21 already because not too long ago I turned 19! I have so much going on this year I hope that things work out - fingers crossed. I had a truly amazing Birthday, which started of with a relaxing morning, however, my adrenaline kicked in when the bestie, J and I got matching piercings! Afterwards, three of my best friends and I went horseback riding which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Although it wasn't what you would normally do for a 21st but I really wanted to do something unusual and different. To end the night, we went to Spring Rolls for a lovely dinner and lots of chatter - something we girls LOVE! 
The 4 of us
3 Strawberry/Guavas and 1 Sour Apple Margarita 
 Hot & Sour Soup with Chicken
My Unique Satay Pad Thai
Thai Green Curry

My Birthday Nails
Fried Banana Ice Cream
Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes
V,S & N
My dessert
I had a wonderful time and I wouldn't have changed a thing! I just want to THANK my friends for making my day of birth special. We made jokes, which are now memories and chatted and laughed till our faces hurt and it was just the 4 of us, I wouldn't have it any other way! Cheers to turning 21 and a prosperous year! X


  1. Aww doll, I never wished you, I'm so sorry!
    I hope you had a WONDERFUL day!
    Can't believe how young you are... I'm like your way older sister ;)
    You look gorgeous, and the food looks so yum. About to lick my screen! :)
    Big hug!

    1. Lucky! I've missed you! (Time differences SUCK!)
      I did, thank you! :)
      Hahah! :$ You totally are and such an inspiration! ♡♡
      Do you like Thai food? :)
      Thank you!


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