Virgo Fact of the Week (1)

This is for all you Virgonians out there! Does this relate to you? Because it screams ME all over it! I am exactly like this! I won't even bother attempting something unless I know it will be done right. Not sure if its a good trait or not but hey! If you are a Virgo baby and this relates to you then like this post below. A friend of mine, the lovely J actually introduced me to this site one day, and I must say some of the facts are spot on! Anyway, I thought I'll post one Virgo fact that really relates to me per week. You can check out your own Zodiac Facts here. Let me know what Zodiac sign YOU are, I'd love to know! BTW, I'm listening to this once again, it's my fave song of the moment. Happy Sunday! 


  1. I am an Aquarius. Though I think this relates to me too!

  2. I followed you as Best Trends Forever!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and following!
    I followed your blog too!

  4. Srushti Dhairyawan10:20 am, August 13, 2012

    Omg that is so me!
    Btw I just started reading your blogs, and I love the way you write!
    LOL after I read one, I just kept going to the next one :P

    Keep writing!

    1. Omg! You found my secret :$(this blog)!
      Thanks for stopping by and reading!
      True virgos we are! I'm glad you like it!
      Ahhhh love you!


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