Too Young to Wed - National Geographic

> Listening to Ya Nabi Salam - Maher Zain as I write this post; I'm lost for words. This is simply eye-opening. I don't even know what to think! I knew these things happened in the world but I didn't know to what extent! 

The video emphasizes the practice of child marriages around the world. Although, I do understand the meaning behind the entire practice - I do not understand the logic behind getting a 5 year old married, and I can't seem to get past that! A majority of the individuals shown were or seem to be Muslim (from the attire and their names) and I wasn't surprised to see this... 

It just makes me sad that some of these girls are as young as 14 years and have 2-3 children already! That's mind boggling! At 20, I'm hardly ready to welcome a child into my world. These girls hardly had any time to grow - both physically and mentally. With so many changes going on with their bodies at that prime age - I can't even begin to imagine what was going through in their minds. Confusion? Anxiety? Hurt? Aloneness? At least you and I had school to learn about these issues, but most of these girls didn't get that opportunity because they didn't go to school! Also, I highly doubt that there mothers talked about the issues they were dealing with or even about "the birds & the bees". 

I love how the NG journalists put the issue into perspective with excellent visuals. It gave the audience a clearer picture of what these children look like and what their cultures look like ... Check out the video for yourself and let me know what you think! 


  1. loved this post!
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  2. J: spanx! This is an issue that you and I would def discuss!


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