Lion cubs, Vulnerability & Feeling Better
Once upon a time there were 3 little lion cubs, S1, S2, S3. They were the smallest cubs in their pride. One day, the oldest lion, S1 .... OKAY. HOLD IT. NO this isn't Lion King. I'm sorry if you were excitedly awaiting Nahla and Mufasa's enterance into the scene.... Actually, S1, S2, S3 are myself and my brothers - no, not science experiments! The 3 cubs actually symbolize my two younger brothers and I. And we've fallen through at times, but fortunately, recent events have changed the way we behave with each other. I don't think I've been more proud of S2 and S3 in my life! I'm actually humbled by them and how they've grown. I just wished I had been there when they were in need, but nonetheless, I'm here now and that's what matters. P.S. If you are wondering WHY I used S1, S2, S3 to reference my siblings and I, it is because we are ssssssnakeeeeessssss! NO. Just KIDDING. [I'm sorry if I gave you a heart attack there, can I offer you a samosa? :)] Our names all start with S's. That was the big secret. Cheers! :)
I am all of the above at this point in time. When are things suppose to get better? I just hope this pays off in the end. I need to go pray or something ... I'm waiting for rainbows and pots of gold to show up, no sign yet.
After speaking frankly to S2, I might have a slight solution to an issue that literally arrised out of nowhere. I guess you could say my parade got rained on. My smile went to a frown in a matter of 5 mins. Wish I never answered that call. Actually, that might have been more damage. HMPH. I take that back. ANYWHO I now feel BETTER because there looks as though there really is light at the end of the tunnel! Fingers crossed!

P.S. Don't you just love my vague posts? I hope you noted the sarcasm
P.P.S. My neighbour just made my day a little brighter, she cooked me dinner! God bless her <3>


  1. Hi S1, your storey is so cute and am happy to see the change in you guys, hope it remains the same for good, samosas lmao!!!


    1. Hi S4!
      LOL! Yes samosas! -_-
      I'm glad you liked the post! Thanks :)

  2. Haha vague but fun personal posts. I'm sorry you're going through hard times, hope you feel VERY GOOD very soon. :)
    And I'll totally take you up on that samosa offer.

    1. I'm glad you thought this post was fun! I didn't want it to end up boring! Thanks so much, Mag!
      LOL! You're the best! XX


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