Plaid Jeans - Hot or Not?

I was flipping through the August 2012 Teen Vogue Issue and I came across the Check Mate spread on page 106 and I suddenly time travelled back to sixth grade (when I believe) Avril Lavigne's Sk8er Girl song came out. Did she not wear red plaid with suspenders or is that just me?!? I was pretty surprised to see this trend back in style. I prefer plaid on a shirt then I do bottoms and I don't think I could pull it off ... If I had to choose one of the styles featured below, I think I would go for the blue/black plaid bottoms (second from the right) since they are very wearable... I do quite like the red plaid jeans styled with that particular top and heels. It does look quite nice but I don't think is me! I guess I'm just not into the trend all that much, but the big question is: WOULD YOU WEAR PLAID JEANS? Are they Hot or Not?! Let me know below!



  1. I'm mostly liking all the different prints (like leopard) on jeans but don't like this much. Like you, I definitely prefer it on shirts.

  2. Yes, yes. I've been horribly in love with black and white version of this trend.


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