My First Vlog Video Ever!

SOOOOO. Guess what I found?! My first ever Youtube upload/vlog! I made this video when I went to Waterloo for a girls weekend with some childhood friends! We had an amazing time with tons of laughs! Well, obviously - a girls weekend isn't complete without laughs! 

Anyway, the video is quality is quite horrid...I filmed this last February on my old Olympus digi camera which was a bad choice on my part. You just make do with what you got! I actually quite liked Vloging and I think I'd definitely try it again - with a better camera of course! 

I wish I had edited a little better and I was a little less shaky ... but it's a learning experience! I just thought it was quite funny that it's still up there! Aside from the bad quality it's fun to look back on. Maybe I'll do a proper one soon? Stay tuned! 


  1. I have just started a Youtube channel too, it's a little scary but i'm really enjoying it it's so much fun to share my hobby for clothing and fashion design, i will be checking out your Youtube channel and can't wait for more videos, great blog post

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by! I checked out your YOUTUBE channel as well :)


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